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Manu'a Expedition

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Manu’a Expedition project

The project Manu'a Expedition is born with an unusual encounter between the Ushuaia’s film director (french TV shows) inbetween shootings, a Vendée Globe sailor seeking for new adventures and a biologist of high standing, transitting between conferences spread around the world.

Looking for Happiness

This is about travelling and exploring the whole world on a large sailing boat, for a journey of five years or more, looking for Happiness, a catch-all term that will need to be precisely defined.

A multidisciplinary team

Manu’a expedition crew would be made of highly experienced sailors, but also of picture specialists, photographers, film makers or editors able to spread to a large audience the expression of every kind of happiness.

A boat as a GQ

The boat would welcome scientists, all disciplines taken together, in order to observe and understand what mechanism enables all living being to live in harmony within its environnement. We would be focused on humans, but also on the specific fauna and flora of those environnements.

The scientific project

What is Happiness? Can we measure it? What are the most relevant factors for Happiness? Is there several Happinesses? What dependency define the relationships between the components of an ecosystem? Can Happiness be transmitted from one generation to another? Is or Isn’t Happiness a factor for development?


Social, economical and health issues

Manu’a expedition team will have to answer those questions among many others. The social, economical and health issues of the very large « Happiness » subject are at the epicenter of many reflexions among world citizens. That is confirmed by the amount of serious studies led across the globe; though none of them, as far as we know, have considered every components of the Happiness system taken together on the same territory.

Hapiness among islands

This is what Manu’a wants to explore : by focusing on islands, which are small but very complicated systems, with their batch of economical, social, climate and ethnic differences. Though it will also consider continental studies taken as comparison.

The newest technologies

Those studies will highlight new technologies and artificial intelligence.

Collaborator's offers

Become collaborator and get aboard for the adventure of Manu'a Expedition!

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Share the adventure

This is one of the key word of the Manu’a Expedition project : to share. A beautiful journey around the world, unusual places, magnificent pictures of our planet, a directive line full of optimism, happiness. This could have been the place for a fairy tale.

Tell and share priceless stories

Our ambition is to share this adventure with the greatest number, to generate flow on social medias, to tell beautiful stories, to make uncommon movies. 365 days a year, the details of the trip will be shared. For every visited place, a short film will be made and every year, conferences will be organized all around the world : there will be presented longer movies and the latest updates of our work.

Change one's mindset

We will ask the help of the schools and universities of the visited countries, and the whole scientific community.
Thereby, we’re hoping that this ambitious project could lead toward some change in everyone’s way of life.

The knowledge of the world as a whole is both an intellectual and a vital necessity. It the universal issue for any citizen living in the new era.
Edgar Morin

Les sept savoirs nécessaires à l'éducation du futur

The operations


The boat, at the project’s center

General quarters and mobile studio
A maximum length of 80 feet to ease logistics
Simple, fast and reliable
Able to welcome ten people
Welcoming audiovisual equipment, a small lab, snorkling, climbing and trekking equipment, satellite connexion...
Une cambuse de qualité

"Houston", an ashore coordination center that will gathe :

The communication team
Scientific direction
Audiovisual direction
A lecture theater


General organisation

Seek for extraordinary places

Scientific team
Franck Molina
Sophie Boutin
Manage the research works and the scientific writings
Manage the technologic transfer with the industries
Movie team
Gilles Santantonio
Social medias
Cécile Gutierrez
Produce and broadcast the press documents
Is in charge of the visibily of the project with the audience
Expedition team
Kito de Pavant
Françoise Velland
Organize the expeditions and broadcast the logbook
Manage the sailing project
Franck Molina
Gilles Santantonio
Movie director
Kito de Pavant
Jules Nyssen
Françoise Velland
Sophie Boutin
Cécile Gutierrez
Community manager
Eric Tresvaux du Fraval
Chartered accountant
Christohe Carniel
CEO Vogo
Paul Donnelly
Happy retired guy
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